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Beverages Made in the USA

JK Skrumpy Hard Cider This Original Hard-Cider has been made on our family-
owned farm in Flushing, Michigan for well over a hundred years. It was first pressed
back in the 1850's. Not much as changed in the process since then. We use the same
apples from the same orchards as my great-great grandfather did before the time of
the Civil War. We are proud of that. It gives us a sense of history. These past few
years, many of our nation's orchards have closed their barn doors and orchard
gateways as the influx of apple juice made from cheap concentrates arrive in the USA
from China and South America. Some call it a "sign of the times," and others seem to
appreciate the "bargain" at the grocery store.
Liquor Made in the USA
Americana Luxury Vodka is the First American made Luxury Vodka, using the purest
grains harvested in the American heartland.  We are proud to be an AMERICAN
made product using the American workforce to decorate, produce, and sell our
product.  Americans take pride in their work and now the USA has a product that can
compete with all those imports.  Our packaging using the Red, White and Blue design
has not only won awards within the industry but truly has a patriotic flair.  We have
won Gold Medals for its smooth taste and hope that American people will take pride
when purchasing Americana.  Our product is superior to those imports and although
people are loyal to some of those other brands,  give Americana a try,  you will not be
disappointed.  Search online to purchase Americana unless you live in  NJ, NY, FL,
then you can ask your retail store to stock Americana. YOU MUST BE AT LEAST
21 YEARS OLD to use this link!
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