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Blue Canoe There's nothing else quite like Blue Canoe. Get dressed once and go
through the day with our fresh, uncomplicated designs. Made in the USA for 16 years
with organically grown cotton, including bamboo blends

Zic & Cha Cha is the leading brand of boxers for couples, where you'll find oh-so
unique gifts for couples. From cotton boxers, personalized boxers, silk boxers, even
organic bamboo boxers, we have them all here. Our women's shorts are made
especially for her (fun & flirty). Our men's shorts are tailored just for him (roomy and
comfy). So yes, our fun pajamas make the perfect couples pjs but we can't guarantee
these sleepwear sets will give you much sleep. That's right, all of our boxers are
proudly made in the USA. Zic & Cha Cha is the leading brand of boxers for couples.

Barbara Lesser, designer of casual contemporary sportswear and dresses, launched a
highly successful business based on her own desire to look good yet remain
comfortable during her hectic life. Whether setting a new season’s color palette or
rushing through her very active life, Lesser wants exactly what her customer has
come to expect – comfort and ease of care in a beautiful, fashionable, feminine
package. Barbara works closely with southern California factories that are able to do
very special artisan dye techniques in limited production runs, creating unique
applications for each season. Our denim treatments are done by specialists in the field,
utilizing environmentally responsible products and techniques as dictated by California

The Caron Miller Collection is a USA designed and manufactured line of women's
accessories out of Santa Barbara, CA featuring fabulous scarves, wraps, toppers, and
the faux fur collection.  Our focus is on making women feel beautimous (beautiful,
divine, & fabulous!) and encouraging them to show off what they got in our delicious
wearable art.  Our entire line is made in Santa Barbara, CA and can be seen on our

Gypsy 05 was established in the spring of 2005 by a dynamic brother and sister duo,
Osi and Dotan Shoham. Gypsy 05 is a lifestyle brand that transitions from day to night
attire with ease for both men and women. It is predominantly a t-shirt line, but they
also like to incorporate unique casual dresses, pants, and sweaters.

New Factory, Friend. Max Schroder is the founder, designer (and photographer)
behind New Factory, Friend. She launched the SF company in 2009 with the vision of
creating women’s dress shirts and wrap shirts, setting it apart as a domestically
manufactured brand that integrates contemporary style with socially responsible
practices, like using organic cotton and hemp in the shirt styles.

Don't Tread On Me Clothing of CA makes the Don't Tread On Me Brand. 100% Made
in USA Men's, Women's, and Kids Premium Clothing. of California is a specialty lingerie that offers bust support and is
designed for the curvy and busty figure. Our lingerie includes silk chemises with
underwires and ultrasoft camisoles with built-in bras. Our collections are MADE IN
AMERICA at our Los Angeles manufacturing facility.

VIPER HEADWEAR's mission is to provide the market's best quality headwear for
tactical/military operators at a reasonable price.  We refuse to subscribe to the "one-
size-fits-all"  concept of many in our industry.  All of our products are proudly crafted
in the United States of America, and will always continue to be.  We know our
customers.  We have nothing but the highest respect and admiration for their
sacrifices and unwavering dedication to protecting our freedoms.  Every member of
VIPER HEADWEAR will ensure that our customers receive the workmanship and
customer service they truly deserve.

Brigitewear International of California was Founded in 2001, Brigitewear International
produces unique women's swimwear and accessories in its Palm Desert, CA facilities.
Selling factory direct, Brigitewear has distributed its niche swimwear to over 50
different countries worldwide. Ranked in the top 1/2 of 1% of apparel manufacturers
in the world for traffic by (an Amazon company), Brigitewear has
experienced double digit growth every year since inception.

EMKY Fashion Scarves is an American company based in Southern California that
produces the finest of printed fashion scarves.  These silk scarves are timeless pieces
and will be a part of your wardrobe for years to come.  Every EMKY scarf is 100%
made in the USA.

Bullet Blues Custom Apparel, LLC proudly serves the ‘made in America’ movement by
offering top quality apparel for both men and women. The owner, a native of France,
has put together a patriotic collection of jeans made in USA, along with a luxurious
selection of shirts, tops, skirts, dresses and belts for your satisfaction. Each of Bullet
Blues's products captures owner Isabelle Benoit’s European flair, and combines this
with American-made materials sourced locally to create a unique line of designer
apparel. Everything you see at Bullet Blues has been manufactured using the finest
selection of fabrics, so you get that European meets ‘made in the USA’ shopping
experience with every visit.

We are very proud of our designer products, made by local American craftsmen with
the best talent. Bullet Blues Custom Apparel’s primary goal is focused around offering
jeans made here in the USA, and each pair is of the highest caliber. We also take great
pleasure in serving up our core values: quality, durability, fashion, comfort, fit, and
most importantly of all, customer satisfaction. We believe in manufacturing our wide
range of designer products the American way, using USA-made materials. Only when
a select few of our products require premium fabrics will we use materials from
across the globe. Please note that for our line of button-up shirts, we have chosen to
use superior premium fabrics from the world of fashion to fit in with our strong
craftsmanship values of "Made in USA".

All of our jeans are made in the USA, using American-crafted denim from Cone in
North Carolina. Our custom-made rivets originate from Kentucky, and are made by
YKK who provide industrial strength fastenings. So if you’re looking for jeans made in
USA among other wardrobe essentials, you’ll find everything your heart desires here
at Bullet Blues.

Garb the World of California makes Custom-made historical, religious and comfortable
clothing. Reenactments, bible plays, costumes, Renaissance Faire, Monk's robes, and
much more. Sewn in the USA (mostly by stay-home moms earning a living wage) and
custom made to fit YOUR American size.

Clothing Manufactures in California

9b Apparel is located in the heart of the garment district in Downtown Los Angeles,
right on the corner of historic Ninth and Broadway. 9b is a full service apparel and
apparel related manufacturer. We manufacture any type of sewn garment or article
and specialize in premium denim, knits, organics and natural fabrics. Our minimums
are the lowest in the industry and everything is produced in the U.S.A. Established in
2001, 9b serves a broad range of customers. From start-ups to retail chains and retail
web sites, 9b manufactures a broad range of high quality products destined for the
children's, maternity, active wear, and contemporary markets, just to name a few
Clothes Made in California Directory. This should be a no brainer that there would be many clothing line made in California, on of the style centers of America.
The Golden State has all the bases covered with formal, casual, sporty, and more. Please come back often as we are always looking to add companies committed to their home
State and America
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Clothes  Made in California
Please Check the Label before you
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