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Motorola Moto X The only smartphone assembled in the U.S.A. The company's CEO, Dennis
Woodside, announced in June that the Moto X would be made at a new 500,000-square-foot
production facility in Fort Worth, Texas. More than 2,200 employees have already begun to
make the smartphone, which will be assembled and will ship right from the factory

Cell Phone Accessories Made in the USA

CelJel is the perfect smart device stand or holder. It's soft, heavy and "grippy". You can set
your iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, Android phone, iPod, Zune or just about any smart device on
it.  It is simply the best iPhone stand, Android stand, BlackBerry stand or device holder on the
market today! CelJel will gently hold your device at any angle you choose depending on room
lighting or glare, etc. CelJel allows you to pick up and put down your phone any time, quickly
and easily. You don't need to clamp it in, just set it down, pick it up, set it down, etc.  It's
perfect for web browsing, listening to music, watching YouTube, Slingbox, FLO TV or
movies on your device. CelJel is also great for simply propping up your phone anytime you
want to be able to see who's calling. Set your phone on it at night to use as a nightstand phone
base or your Mp3 player for a bedside music player/alarm clock. Put a CelJel in any room of
your house and make your cell phone your house phone.  CelJel is Made in the USA which not
only helps us control the quality but also does a small part to help employ Americans!

Wavecradle The WaveCradle is a stand designed to improve the sound output from a variety
of Apple® devices without using batteries or electricity. USA-made from durable aircraft

Clear Choice Stands, LLC of Florida make smart phone stands to enhance the audio and visual
experience at home, at the office and on the go. *patent pending

Cell Phone Cases Made in the USA

diffr3nt Handmade in Connecticut. Finally, the case you’ve been wanting. We’re determined
to shake things up by handcrafting stunning, functional cases that provide more than just
protection. They provide an experience. Find out what makes us diffr3nt. Canvas has it all. It
naturally cushions and protects from the daily bump and grind and looks great. But what we’
re really proud of is the feel of it in your hand. Plastic and rubber couldn’t deliver the tactile
experience we were looking for. It has allowed the diffr3nt|case to stay low profile without
resisting when sliding it into your pocket. Made by hand to fit your hand. Our craftsmen sew
each diffr3nt|case, taking pride and ownership in both the perfection and uniqueness of each
piece. This path we chose for production is the only way we can confidently guarantee a
superior feel and look of every product we sell. And besides, we didn’t like the idea of making
anything from a mold.

Apex Armor machined aluminum bumper cases are compatible with both AT&T & Verizon
versions of the Apple iPhone4 and iPhone 4S. Apex Armor is proud to introduce the most
advanced CNC machined aluminum bumper case available for the iPhone4. Made from 100%
U.S. Domestic 6061-T651 precision aluminum plate, our bumper style case was specifically
designed to look and feel like part of the phone. A minimalist approach was taken into
consideration to achieve an aesthetically pleasing and refined finished product. All machining,
assembly, and packaging is performed by a certified AS9003 machine shop that has been a
preferred top supplier to the U.S. Aerospace/Defense Industry for over 30 years.Working
closely with this top level machine shop allows us to monitor and oversee the entire
production process. It ensures that the same high level of quality and workmanship is given to
each and every product from start to finish. Our cases are 100% CNC milled, then deburred
and finished by hand to achieve a smooth and uniform surface texture, then inspected for any
surface anomalies or irregularities.

Cell Phone Screen Protectors

Clear-Coat Scratch Protection Clear-Coat Scratch Protection is an American manufacturer of
screen protectors and full body covers for thousands of mobile devices.  Our products are
proudly designed and manufactured in our Philadelphia facility.  Check out our website to see
our full lineup of screen protectors, full body skins, and decorative covers for your cell phone
or tablet.
Cell Phone Accessories Made in the USA. It is a shame there is not more Cell phones that are made in America. I would guess that this huge industry
would employ a lot of American workers. For know we will have to settle for one company that assembles their phones here. That plant were they put these phones together
does employ 2200 Americans which is awesome, which is why I purchased a Moto X the day they came out and I love it.
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Cell phones and  Accessories Made in the USA
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Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
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