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Clothing Accessories Made in America
Sweater Stone was created to restore the look of knits and sweaters without having to
exposethem to the rigors of dry cleaning. A natural pumace material it quickly lifted away
pilling and revitalized knitted garments.  Sweater Stone has recieved numerous accolades in
its lifetime, including a "Best Buy" rating in a leading consumer publication. Our company's
focus has been to provide consumers with a quality product at a reasonable price while
remaining true to our social and environmental ideals. Which has lead us to utilizing sheltered
workshops to assemble our product. For the past 17 years North West Center Industries, a
manufacturing company that employs the disabled in downtown Seattle, has been the
exclusive producers of our product. By simply using Sweater Stone, the average consumer
can save hundreds of dollars on sweater care and avoid harsh chemicals used during dry
cleaning. All in all we've become proud of our company and our product. 100% American
made Sweater Stone will last for years. Sweater Stone is a garment grooming aid that you
might not need everyday. However, when you do need it, nothing works as well as a
Sweater Stone for removing pilling and balling.

Best Drying Rack There are NO PLASTIC PARTS in the Best Drying Rack. Our wooden
clothes drying rack is designed and built in the US and is intended to provide you a lifetime of
reliable use.

Norway Novelties, Inc. of Maine makes The Groomstik, which is an ironing accessory that
helps you vacuum away pet hair and lint, iron perfect creases, remove sweater pills and also
helps with sewing and handicrafts.

Lady and the Carpenter of Washington. Kevin's Quality Clothespins are heavy-duty, beautiful
clothespins that are made in the Pacific Northwest. These sturdy, classic style pins are made
to last through generations. They are the perfect clothespin for the clothesline or for your
craft project.
Clothing Accessories Made in the USA
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