Motorcycle Clothes Made in the USA
Diamond Gusset  Brand Defender Motorcycle Jean: "We Turned Jeans Inside Out When you turn a pair of
Defender motorcycle jeans inside out you see why our jeans protect you so well. There are three separate areas
of woven Kevlar sewn in where you need it."

Kerr Leathers  "We at Kerr Leathers pride ourselves on producing the finest American made apparel for the
motorcycle industry. We have also started manufacturing motorcycle helmets as we felt it was the perfect fit to
add to our extensive line of motorcycle accessories."

Leathercycle creates Custom Leather Jackets, Custom Leather Motorcycle Jackets, Leather Blazers, Leather
Coats, Leather Pants, Leather Chaps, Leather Skirts, and all types of custom made leather clothing for Men,
Women & Children

Legendary USA Leather is your source for quality apparel Made in USA. Legendary branded garments are
proudly made in the USA. Look for the American Flag American Made on each item - it is your assurance the
item is Made in USA! Buy American - it makes a difference!

Park V Our label has always stood for quality, durability, and value.  We have taken pride that our garments are
now made only in the United States.  A great effort is put into finding only the best  materials to use on our

Schott NYC Each Made in the USA jacket comes with a story that has been written over the course of 90 years,
four generations of Schotts, two world wars, 22 presidents, one King, and an American love affair with hitting
the open road with the wind in your face and your troubles behind you. We are a true-blue, real-deal, piece of
Americana. Quality, innovation, and individuality define everything we do and every jacket we make. Whether
protecting WWII fly boys in the air over Europe or infuriating the establishment on the backs of Brando and
Dean, our jackets have become infused in American culture and have served as battle flags for the American

Vanson Leathers Vanson Leathers is America’s largest manufacturer of leather motorcycle jackets and
motorcycle riding apparel for men and women. In business for over thirty years in Massachusetts, USA

Langlitz Leathers is widely acclaimed as the world's premier builder of leather motorcycle garments. For those
who are interested in learning more about our leathers, our web site will give you a little history of our company
and the products we build.

Z Z Biker Wear Motorcycle Clothing and Accessories All products are proudly made in the USA. Ride and be
free, you can find freedom in many ways. Z Z Biker Wear is here to provide the highest quality clothing and
accessories for you to use while seeking new adventures. I will work hard for your trust and support.  All of our
products are uniquely designed and proudly made in The United States of America. Enjoy your ride, the
freedoms we have in our lives and your friends and family along the way. Be Healthy, Simplify and Enjoy

Fast Company Distributors, Inc.  We are the inventors of Kevlar-lined motorcycle jeans. We are also the only
company to hold a U.S. Patent for Kevlar motorcycle jeans. Founded in 1993, Hal Baxter, the inventor of
Draggin' Jeans, set out to find a way to make protective casual motorcycle apparel. Draggin' Jeans are lined with
100% Kevlar in the knees and seat to provide excellent abrasion protection where you need it most. Our Draggin'
Shirts, Draggin' Jackets and Draggin' Liners also incorporate the strength and protection of 100% Kevlar. All
Draggin' products are Made in the USA!

Branded Leather, we handle all aspects of manufacturing quality motorcycle, military, & western gear. From
our leather tanning to custom sewing operations, we take pride in providing our customers with the best
products available. Please select from the product catalog index below to view our wide selection of apparel.

Daytona Thunderwear by Becker Designs Inc has been in business since 1994. We design and manufacture
apparel and accessories for motorcycle riders including children and pets. Our products are American Made. We
try to support American suppliers as well. Please check out our website to see our exclusive line of products.

One Leather manufactures and distributes the Highest Quality Leather Vests in the market GUARANTEED! All  
of our leather products are made right here in the USA and come with a Lifetime Guarantee.

SSC Jewelry & Leather Doing business since 1982 we are a top quality leather and jewelry design company.
Using all US suppliers and currently updating to all US manufacturing. Chaplets, our leather leggings. kerchiefs,
headbands, and much more everyday

Our products are handmade to be the best tools available for all riding, in all environments, to all types of
destinations. Each product is made with attention to detail, handmade quality, integrity, long service, a little fun...
and real value.

Aero Design & Mfg. Co., Inc. By assembling most Aerostich products in the USA, we are helping to support the
American economy. Individually manufacturing each piece also gives us complete control over choosing the best
materials and production methods to produce gear that will last longer and work better, with a priority placed on
function and durability. Pride in quality and craftsmanship allows us to guarantee every Aerostich product against
defects for two years.

Motorcycle Boots Made in America

CruiserWorks™, the official carrier of 100% Made in the USA CruiserWorks™ Motorcycle Boots, known for
their high-end premium leather and extreme comfort.  CruiserWorks™ Motorcycle Boots have a reputation of
being the most comfortable motorcycle boots on the market.
American Made Motorcycle Clothing Directory. So on the open road is there any doubt that you should be wearing motorcycle clothes that are Made in the USA.
The motorcycle look is very much an American style and shouldn't you be wearing American Made motorcycle clothing? I hope you are also riding a domestic made bike as well! American
made, Americans Paid.
Motorcycle Clothes Made in the USA
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