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Coffee Grown / Made in the USA
Blair Estate Kauai Organic Coffee Farm Now coffee lovers can again experience the taste of of
how coffee was produced in Hawaii before the turn of the 20th century. Our organically grown
coffee is hand picked, fermented, sun-dried and fresh roasted daily

Dragon's Lair Estate Mountain-grown Kona Coffee from Hawaii, grown by organic standards
under natural shade, without herbicides or pesticides. Hand-picked, sun-dried, and custom-
roasted to order.

Ka Hua O`Kona Estate Coffee Farm Whether you choose Private Reserve (our all Peaberry coffee
beans) or our Estate Grade (a combination of Extra Fancy, Fancy and Kona #1 beans) you will be
drinking the best Estate-grown 100% Kona coffee available certified by the State of Hawaii.

U.S.A. Coffee Company USA Coffee Company focuses on gourmet Hawaiian coffee. Their
Hawaiian Kona coffee from Kauai is 100% American, tree to cup. In addition to their coffee from
Hawaii, they also offer coffee gift baskets, chocolate covered coffee beans, gourmet tea, coffee
flavorings and more.

American Cowboy Coffee's exclusive roast is made from 100% pure American grown Kona
coffee beans. Our coffee products are carefully selected and prepared at the award-winning Koa
Coffee Plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii. We offer a unique and authentic cowboy roast. No
artificial flavoring or additives. No hard-to-remember foreign words are required to order our fine
products and none of that imported "you-know-what" goes into your cup. Our coffee products
are made from 100% PREMIUM Hawaiian [Kona] coffee beans... We do not blend our fine
product with foreign or imported coffee beans.  That’s right, an all-American product.  Top-
quality. For half the cost of any comparable gourmet coffee product!

Hilo Coffee Mill in Hawaii located between Hilo and Volcanoes National Park on Hawaii Island,
was founded to help small coffee farmers in Hawaii produce and market their valuable crops. We
are coffee growers and a operate a complete processing and roasting facility. We have a full
espresso bar, cafe, retail store and sell wholesale. Mahalo for supporting American coffee
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Coffee grown in the USA
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