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Technical Advantage Gear – Our Expedition rated gear has been 100% tested during the
prototype stage in some of the coldest weather extremes that Winter can dish out on the
Planet each year.  Whether it played in the Iditarod, the Himalaya’s or Antarctica , if it
was successful with our testers then you got to see it available for sale the following
season.  We offer the highest thermal R-values of insulation in our Mittens, Hats, Neck
Gaiters and Base Layers and we’ve engineered designs for plain extreme warmth and
even for high exertion activities like climbing to the summit of Mount Everest .   If you
are looking for pure performance in your extreme cold weather gear, that will handle
wind chilled temperatures exceeding -100F below zero, then give us a try.  We don’t
guess at the temperature range ratings, rather we base them on actual temperatures that
our users have punished them in!  We offer the best asset value for your investment and
our gear does the finest job in eliminating the effects of convective and conductive heat
loss.  We’re 100% made in Wisconsin – USA !

Wild Things is an outdoor brand chosen by individuals who are knowledgeable about
their outdoor activities, know what’s current, and what works. These individuals are
serious about what they do and what they buy. They seek out the best-made, most
reputable technical gear. We take great pride in serving the common needs of all our
users in the Military and US Armed Forces, law enforcement, and the outdoor enthusiast.
This demanding, elite audience feels no need to compromise, and this attitude runs
through the Wild Things brand. Our users help define our brand. Wild Things is a US
company. US citizens working in US facilities currently handle all of our product design
and R & D efforts. As more US brands move design and production overseas, Wild
Things strives to keep as many US workers productively employed as possible. We keep
jobs and businesses going in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, New Jersey and
Rhode Island.
American Made Expedition Directory. This gear is for the adrenaline sport enthusiast. This gear is made by serious people for tough challenging people.
The companies below make their Expedition gear in the USA for use all over the world. After you are done here please check out some of our other pages.
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Expedition equipment Made in the USA
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