Flowers Grown in the USA Directory a family business has been growing flowers in California for 36 years.  "If
we do not grow it, we buy from local growers".  Why should you buy American Grown
Flowers you may ask? Well here are just a few great reasons.        Domestic flower
growers have been decimated competing with South American product that is often
government subsidized. Ironically as US citizens become more conscious of environmental
issues, the majority of flowers entering the United States are coming from countries with no
holds barred environmental laws. Recent reports show Ecuadorian roses entering the US
with pesticide residues of chemicals banned in the US. Also reports of pesticide poisoning of
the employees is unsettling with up to 60% of the employees showing signs of pesticide
poisoning. Chemicals banned long ago in the US as deadly are still being used in foreign
fields, and reintroduced to your nose via imported flowers.

Amador Flower Farm of California over 1000 varieties of daylilies are grown on our 14 acre
farm in northern California. They are available through our secure website and our catalog.
For those able to visit the farm, we are open daily all year. We have demonstration gardens,
picnic tables and a nursery stocked with hundreds or varieties of unique perennials,
grasses,succulents, deer resistant and native California plants all grown in the USA!
American Grown Flowers Directory. So probably like me you thought that all flowers we bought here were grown here right, well just like me you were
wrong too. I had a grower tell me about all the cheap imports brought in and I was just amazed. When you order flowers ask that they are grown in the United States.
Flowers Grown in the USA
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