Furnaces Made in the USA

Sun Aire™ Ductless Furnace provides your home with comfortable radiant heat that stays near
the floor where you are, not on the ceiling where you aren't.The most energy efficient furnace
in the world, the Sun Aire™ Ductless Furnace heats up to 500 square feet for about $1.00 per
day, using three 500 watt Halogen Quartz lamps in a heat absorption chamber to raise intake air
by 80+ degrees Fahrenheit.With its custom, programmable digital thermostat, the Sun Aire™
Ductless Furnace provides up to 28% energy savings over conventional thermostats. The
lifetime, washable filter saves you even more money by eliminating the need to buy costly
replacements. All Sun Aire™ Products Are Proudly Made in the USA

Furnace Filters Made in America

Nordic Pure Inc. of Oklahoma strives to be Americas pre-eminent manufacturer of high-quality
and custom air conditioning and furnace filters. Every day, we show our commitment to our
customers by delivering superior products at affordable prices, with fast, free shipping
throughout North America  and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
American Made Furnaces and Accessories Directory. Keep your house warm and heat up the ecomony at the same time when you buy a furnace
Made in the USA. Buying products made here in the United States helps keep everyone working. We should not import anything until every American that wants a good job has
one. Working Americans contribute to a healthy robust economy
Furnaces and Accessories Made in the USA
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