Gourmet Foods and Sauces Made in the USA

Hook to Cook Gourmet Foods, Inc. is a Michigan Corporation owned and operated by a very
talented couple named Mark and Debbie Hagendorff.  The Hagendorffs have been married and
business partners for over 30 years.Mark and Debbie began taking guests out for day fishing
charters and provide a gourmet lunch for the guests with the fresh fish just caught, hence the
name Hook to Cook was created.  The Hagendorffs would prepare the pan fried fish with their
own special recipe fry mixes, made with only the finest ingredients.  Charter customers were
so elated with the flavor and the light and crispy texture of these fish that many of them
encouraged the Hagendorffs to bring their recipes to market.  After a year of working closely
with a food scientist the Hagendorffs finally had their recipe perfected.  It took another year to
find a co-packaging company.  The Hagendorffs developed the name, logo and the look and
feel of the packages, thus Hook to Cook Gourmet Foods, Inc. was formed. Hook to Cook
products are available in finer markets in the Metro Detroit area with it’s first sale in Nino
Salvaggio’s in May, 2005.  The Hook to Cook Gourmet Foods product line has rapidly
expanded to 4 products with several more being in the developmental stage.  A team of cooking
demonstrators can usually be found in several stores in the area on weekends cooking up
delicious samples of coconut shrimp or tilapia along with light & crispy vegetables or chicken,
all featuring the Hook to Cook gourmet coatings.

Kentucky Smokin' Grill was started in 1973as a family picnic for a 4th of July celebration.
Over a period of about 10 years, our cookouts went from family picnic, on past the hobby
stage, and into a part time business.

Mr Kooks With our 95+ years of Spice blending experience, we bring to you Mr. kooks
Products – “A TRUE TASTE OF INDIA”.  Our products are authentic, full flavored with just
the right amount heat.  “PROUDLY MANUFACTURED SAUCES IN U.S.A.”

Knox's Spice Co.  of Illinois creates gourmet all natural dry rub spice blends for cooking,
grilling and bbq.

JAR Products LLC of Wisconsin produces top of the line homemade hot sauce, organically
grown in our own Wisconsin gardens. Each sauce is uniquely blended to enhance any food it's
put on, and each batch is made by hand in a fully certified local kitchen. Try some today and
see how superior a local American made hot sauce can be!!

Starport Foods, LLC of California, Illinois, and New Jersey makes a vast varieties of Asian
sauces and ethnic seasonings for home cooking and food service professionals. Sauces include
Hawaiian Sweet and Sour, Garlic Sesame, Jamaican Jerk, Creole Mango  and other choices. All
made in U.S.A.

Beckeys Kountry Kitchen of Michigan makes Kitchen Jams, Jellies and Sweet Breads. What
started out as just offering our restaurant guest homemade style jams and breads has grown to
a point that we are sending our jams and breads all over the country. Our moist and sweet
breads like Apple, Banana, Peach and Blueberry Zucchini have been popular with our guest. It's
not uncommon to have them come in just to buy a few loaves of bread to take home to enjoy.
Our Jams and Jellies are served everyday to our guest in our restaurant and we also sell them in
1/2 pint mason jars for our guest to take home. Our unusual jam flavors are quickly becoming
popular, like our Raspberry Jalapeno jam, and our MoonShine Jelly just to name a couple, we
have over a dozen different flavors to choose from and our flavor list is growing.

Gourmet Food & Sauces made in Michigan include gourmet hot sauces, salsas, BBQ sauce,
condiments, coffee, tea, juice, jams & jellies, breads & rolls, sweet breads, ice cream toppings,
healthy snacks, jerky, maple syrup, maple syrup products, spices, cheesecakes, cookies,
brownies, seasonings, candy, chocolates, dried fruit.

Herbs Grown in the USA

Guardian Herb Farms of Tennessee grows Gourmet Cooking Sage, which is  hand-processed
in the U.S.A. Naturally-grown, chemical-free and air dried in our climate controlled drying
facility. At Guardian Herb Farms, we produce the absolute finest, most aromatic rubbed
cooking sage in the world. No fillers, no additives, just 100% pure sage to make your favorite
recipes even better.
American Made Gourmet Foods and Sauces. America is the melting pot of the world and our food choices really show that. Just look at the food and
sauces we have listed on this page and this is just the beginning as we are sure to come across many more. With that in mind we invite you to visit often for new products.
Gourmet foods herbs, and sauces Made in the USA
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