Home Maintenance Products Made in the USA

Gutter Cleaning Tools Made in America

Gutter Clutter Buster A DIY Gutter Cleaning Tool Unique Gift for Him or Her. Hate Cleaning Your Rain
Gutters? We hate cleaning them too, but they have to be kept clean to prevent damage to your gutters and
home as well! You can spend hundreds of dollars by adding a home improvement; such as gutter caps,
gutter guards, gutter screens, or you could pay someone up to $300.00 to clean them for you... Or you
could Do It Yourself by trying one of our tools for cleaning your gutters Just connect the new gutter
cleaning wet/dry vac accessory tool to any round, standard, 2 ½" (at each end) wet/dry vacuum hose. It
makes sense to remain safe on the ground, stay clean and vacuum out all the debris from your rain gutters
in 1/3 the time with this gutter cleaning tool. No ladders, buckets, rakes, blowers, water, tools, or other
gutter cleaning supplies will be needed. The hardest part of the job will be emptying your wet/dry vac
container into a trash can, flower bed, or add to your compost pile.

Water Nozzles Made in the USA

Master Water Nozzle is a 2 piece nozzle made from solid 303 stainless steel. This nozzle harnesses the
greatest volume of water all the way through the tip creating commercial grade pressure. This nozzle
screws onto your average garden hose and it has full spray pattern, from broad soft spray to unbelievable
straight stream. This product is warrantied for life on material and craftsmanship and it is made in the
Home Maintenance Products Made in the USA. As a home owner I'm sure you are very busy keeping up your house. I hope you will use Home care items      
Made in the USA while you tend to your home's needs. Buying domestic products will help keep their jobs which will in turn help you keep your home value.
Home Maintenance Products Made in the USA
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