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Horse Blankets Made in America

National Horse Blankets where our goal is to provide you with the largest selection of custom Horse
Blankets and accessories made from the finest quality material and workmanship "PROUDLY MADE IN
THE USA". In addition to unparalleled customer service, our products not only provide all of the colors,
and options necessary to create your own distinctive look and reflect that polished image, you get
superior fit and functionality as well.

Hoof Boots Made in the USA

The Renegade ® Hoof Boot Is the result of this quest which lasted over three calendar years and
consumed an estimated 20,000 "man hours" of development time, coupled with simultaneous "field
testing" by over a dozen competition endurance-horse and rider teams covering thousands and thousands
of training and competition miles on some of the most rugged terrain in the southwest. Proudly Made In
The USA!

American Made Horse Fencing

Centaur Fencing of Alabama products are made in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and delivered worldwide.
We are proud of our American-made products and proud to be the highest quality safe horse fence
available on the market. (please note electric accessories may not be American Made. This listing is for
the fencing)
Horse Scratchers Made in America

ScratchnAll® is leading the way in multi-animal scratchers.  The owner/inventor is a senior entrepreneur
who brought manufacturing FROM China TO America.  She has an interesting story to tell.  
ScratchnAll® is an animal-enrichment, scratching and grooming pad currently satisfying 22 different
species of animals.  The durable pad has 4 interlocking sides and can be applied flat or over corners.  
Uniquely, each pad contains 214 pressure points and may be used as a supplement to acupressure.  
Martha Stewart’s animals LOVE them!

Horse Socks Made in America

Whinny Warmers® and Summer Whinnys™ are made in America! Completely! This is non-negotiable!
Our knitting mill is an American business. The yarn spinners are all American! The socks are finished
and wrapped in America. The labels on the socks are made in America. Our web hosting company is
based in America and has Americans answering tech support! Imagine that! Our goal is to help horse
owners help their horses, but we also want American jobs to stay in America.

Saddle Stands Made in the USA

Susan's Saddle Stands of Texas makes custom designed saddle stands with repurposed leather, horse
shoes, conchos, etc made by an Italian who was made in America.

Tack and Accessories Made in America

Edgewood Leather Company of New Mexico offers a premium line of English tack and accessories.  
You can be assured that every Edgewood product has been handcrafted and carefully inspected here in
our New Mexico facility.  Traditional styling with a contemporary feel - Edgewood stands the test of
time.  A quality product Made in America from American cowhide, expertly tanned in the USA,  
excellent customer service, affordable prices - there is no better choice than Edgewood.

C-Over Acres inc of Ohio makes dog training supplies,Dog collars,leashes and Horse tack,Halters,Bridles,
lead lines etc.

Whinny Works™ We encourage you to take a look at the products we have to offer, and enjoy your
shopping. Our horseshoe picture frames and tack racks are made from real horseshoes and are proudly
Horse Care and Equipment Made in the USA. The horse although not native to America is still an iconic symbol of our great country. Whenever you
want to display power often a horse is depicted, power is measured in Horse Power, the icon American muscle car is the Mustang and I could go on and on. When caring for
your horse please use American made when possible.
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Horse products and care items Made in the USA
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