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The Power Shelf is changing the way we think of the common outlet and use the
common outlet. Power Shelf products replace your existing outlet cover with a model
that helps organize the everyday clutter from rechargeable electronics. With the
Power Shelf the outlet can now serve a greater purpose. Installation is easy! Simply
remove your existing outlet cover and replace it with a new innovative Power Shelf
outlet cover. The Power Shelf will help eliminate misplacing chargers and the tangled
mess of power cords around the house or at the office! The tapered design allows
for cell phones or other handheld electronic charging cords to wrap around the
tapered shelf base, keeping them organized while providing a location for your item to
be stored while being charged. The Power Shelf is proudly made in the USA from
domestic recycled 18 gauge steel and painted with environmentally friendly powder

The Bagel Biter Welcome to the home of the world famous Bagel Biter. The one and
only, original guillotine-action bagel slicer. Find out why over one and a half million
people and countless commercial customers have chosen the patented Bagel Biter as
the safest available.

Hug-A-Plug, Inc. manufactures and markets high quality, value added electrical
current taps and adapter plugs for the home and office. Founded in Brighton,
Michigan, all of our products are made in the USA and carry a lifetime replacement
warranty. Our mission is to produce products that solve a common problem, are of
the highest quality and provide the best value in its class.

EZ OPEN DOOR LATCH  Ever find yourself struggling with that little push latch
handle on your screen or storm door?  Hands full?  Ever try using your elbow, hip or
knee to get that latch open? Ever see a child struggle with that tiny latch?  Does
arthritis or some other ailment make it difficult to deal with that latch? The EZ Open
Door Latch makes it easier for children, seniors and everyone in between. The EZ
Open Door Latch is 5-10 times bigger target than your existing push latch handle -
bigger target - easier to see and hit. The EZ Open Door Latch provides more leverage
which means less effort. The EZ Open Door Latch fits most common style push
latch handles and... NO TOOLS REQUIRED - simply slide the EZ Open Door Latch
over the existing push latch handle - done.

Relativity Squared, Inc. (dba EZ Shopper) of NJ, RI, OR.  EZ Shopper lets you carry
multiple grocery bags or shopping bags with ease!

Lady and the Carpenter of Washington. Kevin's Quality Clothespins are heavy-duty,
beautiful clothespins that are made in the Pacific Northwest. These sturdy, classic
style pins are made to last through generations. They are the perfect clothespin for
the clothesline or for your craft project.
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