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Kitchen Products Made in Illinois
SpiceStack stores your own spice bottles in the dark, dry cabinet where spices
stay fresh longer. To use, simply pull the drawer out to a stop and lower to
resting position at eye level. You'll be amazed at how quickly and easily you are
able to find, use and replace your spices while cooking with the SpiceStack!
Makes a great gift for new cooks! Fits in virtually any cabinet, Measures 8" w,
8.5" h, 10.75" d Holds 18 full size or 36 half size spice bottles up to 5.5" tall
Includes 48 blank and 48 pre-printed drawer labels for the utmost organization
Stackable, durable, easy-to-clean No assembly required, Made in USA
Haley's Corker  is the World's only 5 in 1 Wine Tool:  Aerator, Filter, Pourer, Re-
Corker and Stopper.  While enjoying a glass of wine, JE Haley contemplated one
device to replace a drawer full of accessories.  A comet like flash of inspiration
created the careful engineering.  Enhance, serve, and preserve your wine with this
Swiss Army Knife of Wine Tools. All USA design and production.
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Kitchen products Made in Illinois
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