Industrial Equipment Made in the USA

Balancing Machines Made in the USA

Hines Industries, an American balancing machine manufacturer, with headquarters in Ann Arbor,
Michigan, was founded in 1979 by Gordon Hines. Gordon began his career designing driveshaft
balancing machines for the automotive industry in the 1960s. His work quickly spread to
producing balancers for the high-performance race car environment, where the company now
holds over 80% of the market.

Belt Guards Made in America

Erie Custom Products Machine belt guards that adhere to OSHA standards.  Our metal belt
guards are customized to your machine and are guaranteed to fit.  This increases safety while
making belt changing and inspection easier.  Our form makes it easy for you to select the options
you want, taking the hassle out of ordering a custom belt guard. Don't struggle with a "one-size-
fits-all" plastic guard.  Our high quality custom belt guards allow you to put safety first.

Food Equipment Made in America (Industrial)

Demaco has manufactured pasta machinery in the USA since 1914

Fork Lifts Made in the USA

Vermette Machine Company Inc. was established in 1947 makes hand operated fork lifts for
lifting and installation of materials used by heating, air conditioning, refrigeration, electrical,
plumbing and general contractors in commercial and industrial buildings.

Heat Sealing Machinery Made in America

Novaseal Corporation of Florida designs and manufacturers heat sealers for manufacture of
shades, signs, billboards, etc.  We're possibly the only US-manufacturer remaining in this industry.

Lifting Equipment Made in the USA

Strongarm Industries provides cost effective solutions for the lifting, handling, packaging and
processing of material for customers big and small. Our professional engineering teams design
custom, ergonomic solutions that enhance safety and efficiency in material handling and
packaging on manufacturing floors around the world.

Packaging Equipment Made in America

The B. H. Bunn Company marked its 75th Anniversary. Three-quarters century of business
growth has made the Bunn name synonymous with package-closing equipment. With combined
input from thousands of users in all phases of business, research and development, the Bunn
Company can offer a complete range of tying and strapping equipment, along with accessories
for virtually any bundling or unitizing application...for maximum productivity.

Wayne Automation Corporation Manufacturer of automated packaging equipment including case
erectors, top sealers, partition inserters, tray formers, case, wraparound, and tray packing

Algus Packaging of Illinois encompasses over forty years of experience in the heat seal and
thermoforming packaging industry. Art Gustafson is widely considered to be the leading pioneer
of today's automatic heat seal and thermoforming industry and, indeed, the father of the rotary
automatic heat seal machine. As a young man, he discovered his natural talent for design and
innovation working on his family's farm in Illinois . He joined Plastofilm Industries ( Wheaton ,  
Ill.) in 1954, starting in the die shop and subsequently moving up the engineering and management
ladder. In 1961, he ventured out and started his own business (Allyod Company)and began
designing and developing his own equipment line. The new line of equipment focused on
providing customers with more efficient and cost effective solutions to what he saw as gaps in
the industry. As a one-man operation, he designed, tooled, fabricated and then introduced in 1966
his revolutionary six-station rotary machine, the!   Alloyd Model 6SCBE. It became the standard
of the industry and is still in use all over the world today.

Powered Carts Made in the USA

AmericartUSA™ is an innovative company providing A motorized platform cart, proudly
manufactured in the USA, and priced to compete with import battery powered platform carts.

Sawmill Equipment Made in the USA

Jackson Lumber Harvester Company, Inc. was founded by inventor Clinton D. Jackson, creator
of the Jackson Lumber Harvester®, known as the "world's most portable sawmill". Since 1944
we have been known for practical and uncomplicated designs, providing the latest concepts in
sawmill machinery. In 1961 we developed the Jackson Wood Shaving Mill® in response to
demand for an economical, high-quality bedding material free of weed seeds and other
contaminants; which has made us the world leader in wood shaving machinery. These Wood
Shaving Mills produce curly, fluffy, highly absorbent wood shavings ideal for poultry and animal
bedding litter from low-grade logs. Our Wood Shaving Mills are available in 30 through 100
horsepower, with production exceeding 50 cubic yards per hour. Jackson began selling Webb
Burners™ over ten years ago, to answer the need for a more economical way of drying wood
shavings. We manufacture a complete line of biomass burners available in sizes up through 60
million BTU/hr. If you need a complete drying system, we specialize in matching the equipment
you need to get it working right with no guesswork on your part. We will also send our qualified
installers to set up your equipment properly. Jackson equipment is sold around the world, and we
are now in our third generation of management. All of our equipment has been built with pride in
the USA since day one.

Shrink Wrapping Equipment

Eastey Enterprises Inc. has become a strong and respected competitor in shrink packaging
equipment sales in the United States. We are proud to make EASTEY Equipment in the USA. A
great deal of the success of the EASTEY and the good reputation it enjoys, is attributed to it's
employees, since a company is only as good as it's employees, most employees have been with
EASTEY 10 to 22 years. Today the company manufactures Shrink Packaging Equipment under
the EASTEY name, private labels for many other companies and sells EASTEY and Weldotron
replacement parts.

Storage Tank Cleaning Equipment

Currently no listings

Vacuum Pumps Made in the USA

Vac Cubes of Florida Vac Cubes manufactures single and multi venturi vacuum pumps used in
manufacturing and automation. Our pumps are generally used in pick and place, box erecting,
vacuum bagging, labeling, thermoforming and end of arm tooling. We have been proudly making
American made products for over 25 years.
American Made Industrial Equipment. The American Industrial revolution was one of the catalyst that created the great Nation we know today. It was one of the
reasons we implemented laws and regulations to protect workers and the environment. Now other countries or going through their own growing pains, however they are not looking
towards human rights or what their pollution is doing to the planet and other workers around the world. Below you will find some American companies making industrial equipment in
our country. I hope you will find what you are looking for.
Idustrial Equipment Made in the USA
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Please Check the Label before you
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Please Check the Label before you
order. The Google Ads on this site
are not confirmed to be Made in the
USA. The listing in the middle are.
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