Americans at Work
Let's all do our part to keep it that way
American Made Resources
Below please find links to other websites that promote American made goods and American Workers
Web - Patriotic Clothes and Gift Line Made entirely in the U.S.A. including: Patriotic Polo's, Rosie the Riveter, Uncle Sam, Old Glory, Americana, Texas Lone Star Flag Clothes, and much more!
I Only Buy American!
The only way to curb America's
$72 Billion monthly trade deficit
is for Americans to voluntarily
purchase American made goods.
Economy In Crisis is packed with
valuable information documenting
America's economic decline.
Please remember to check
the label before you buy
the item regardless of the
advertising. If in doubt ask
them before you pay!
Buy American Challenge
A New Approach to Buying American, a How-to
Guide to Doing it, Why it's Worth the Challenge,
and What's at Stake if We Give Up. Please
Consider Taking the Buy American Challenge