Please try to support American Workers and your neighbor by only purchasing products Made in the USA or more specifically your own home State from the directory below. If you know of a good American Made Product made in your home state not on the list use the Submit Product Form for consideration of listing here.

Hatzco Industries

Hatzco Industries of Florida make Industrial Air and Air/Liquid Blowguns used primarily in other manufacturing industries.

Air Tools Florida

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Honsa Ergonomic Technologies, Inc

Honsa Ergonomic Technologies, Inc. of Illinois. Vibration-Reduced and Ergonomically Enhanced Tools from HONSA From grinders and chippers to air hammers and riveters, the HONSA name means the finest quality, innovative designs, and the best ergonomic air tools Made in the USA. The Honsa brand has been a leader in the ergonomic tool industry since 1988, with our customers ergonomic health our number one priority. Other companies percussive tool lines still feature 100-year-old technology with no vibration reduction. These generic tools transfer high levels of damaging vibration directly to the operator, leading to serious musculoskeletal and soft tissue disorders of the […]

Air Tools Illinois

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Spanwell Service, Inc.

Spanwell Service, Inc. of Montana make heavy duty pneumatic tools and construction site safety equipment. Top-quality needle scalers, chisel scalers, and chipping hammers deliver lifetime service under heavy use in the most challenging conditions.  Our ergonomic pneumatic tools and attachments — in all the sizes, designs, and materials you need — make short work of surface cleaning, roughing, and texturing, plus removal of coatings and buildup of all types.  Choices ranging from stainless-steel models to ultra-light, extreme-duty, and long-reach designs will extend your access and results, keeping equipment and surfaces tiptop and workers safe and comfortable.

Air Tools, Tools Montana

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St. Louis Pneumatic

St. Louis Pneumatic was begun in 1990 for the express purpose of providing quality, U.S. made, pneumatic power tools to the professional mechanic, the auto body professional, and the tire repair expert. Its entry into the industrial market came about due to the excellent quality and moderate pricing realized by various industrial distributors who came to know about the company and its product line.  Our tools are made in a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri.

Air Tools Missouri

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Texas Pneumatic Tools

Texas Pneumatic Tools is a proud manufacturer of quality American made tools and parts. A leader in air movement and fume removal equipment, lubrication and descaling equipment. A company that continues to strive for excellence in quality and service. Texas Pneumatic Tools has American made, quality manufactured tools you can count on. When your application requires pneumatically driven tools, Texas Pneumatic has just what you need.

Air Tools Texas

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