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American made camping gear should be part of your adventure. Camping in the USA is part of our culture. Like most Americans you probably have had good and bad camping experiences. One way to make these trips better is to be prepared with American Made camping gear. Don’t trust cheap imported gear made in a factory mass produced in the cheapest methods possible. Look for camping gear made in the USA to make your trip to the great outdoors awesome.

Butler bags are made in the USA

Butler Bag’s

Butler Bag’s philosophy has never changed: make it in the USA and make sure our sleeping bags are the absolute best! With manufacturing based in Cedar City, Utah we continue to source premium raw materials from USA manufacturers. Combined with our meticulous design and unsurpassed workmanship, Butler Bags are the most durable and comfortable sleeping bags available anywhere.

American Made Camping Gear, Sleeping Bags Utah

[...Click to rate and comment...] of Iowa is a unique rodent-proof food bag made for backpacking, hiking, camping, rafting and other outdoor adventure sports.  Every GrubPack is made in Iowa by lifelong Iowa residents. The GrubPack rodent-proof food bag is light-weight, sturdy food storage system constructed using flexible stainless steel wire mesh.  (Our mesh is also made in the USA!)  This rugged backpacking food container is made to keep hungry rodents and birds out of your precious camping food supply. GrubPack is sold world wide, with exotic destinations such as the Andes Mountains and the wilds of Tasmania.  More commonly, the GrubPack is used […]

American Made Camping Gear, Camping Food Bags Iowa

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Lodge Logic American made cast iron skillets

Lodge Cast Iron American Made Skillets

Lodge Cast Iron American Made Skillets have been manufactured in South Pittsburg, Tennessee for well over 100 hundred years. Through fires and the great depression Lodge Cast Iron Skillets have continued to be Made in the USA and evolved into the ultra modern manufacturing company it is today. Please note that the Enameled Cast Iron products are not Made in the USA, only the cast iron products are. Starting in 2013, The Lodge Seasoned Carbon Steel line was introduced. The pre-seasoned (oiled) skillets, which are available in an assortment of sizes have found appeal to professional chefs and outdoor enthusiast. […]

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Springbar® Tent Models

Springbar® Tent Models  They claim to make the best Tent in America! Springbar tents are the best family camping, car camping, and rugged-use tents you can buy. With legendary durability, these superior canvas tents also offer great value for your camping dollar. The more you like to camp, the more you’ll appreciate the unique features and impeccable craftsmanship built into every Springbar tent.

American Made Camping Gear, Camping, Tents Utah

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Wiggy’s Sleeping Bags

Wiggy’s Sleeping Bags All Wiggy’s sleeping bags are filled with Lamilite insulation and have contoured hood sections. The draft tube is oversized. All left zip bags are made with a double draft tube. All like style bags are zipper mateable. The Antarctic and Ultima Thule models have a shock cord / draw cord six inches below the top of the chest section, which eliminates the need for a draft collar. Sleeping bags come with a compression stuff sack and pillow. All standard, multiple size sleeping bags are the same price.

American Made Camping Gear, Sleeping Bags

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