American made crossbows and accessories are growing in popularity in our country. If you are going to invest in a Crossbow are you going to risk your money on a cheap import? Don’t you want to buy an American made crossbows from a craftsman that cares about quality? When we buy crossbows made in the USA we keep our country stronger and drive innovation as manufactures compete with one another to create a better product based on value instead of just being cheaper. Buy American made when it matters and by the way it always matters.

American manufactures of crossbows are still striving to improve on an invention from the 5th or 6th century. That is what you get when an industry is not driven purely on who can make the product cheapest. Buying a cheap import damages the entire industry. Buying crossbows made in the USA helps keep an industry strong and Americans working.


Kodabow  designs and produces crossbows in Pennsylvania for hunting and recreational use. The company uses US suppliers for all work not performed at the company such as the application of specialized coatings and machining operations. The crossbow is reliable and accurate and has developed an exceptional reputation as a high quality performer in the field.

American Made Crossbows and Accessories Pennsylvania

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