American made surge protectors play a vital role in protecting your valuable electronic equipment against unseen dangers. While power is going through your TV, Stereo, and computer equipment spikes and surges are slowly damaging your electronics. A good American made surge protector could give your electronic equipment years more of life. This is one of those rare products that you only know it is working because nothing is wrong, out of sight out of mine. Use a surge protector made in the USA to protect your equipment and save time and money.

Alltec Surge Protectors made in the USA

Alltec Corporation

Alltec Corporation, headquartered in the United States , is an international, full service manufacturing company that provides Surge Protective Devices (SPDs), lightning protection equipment, and grounding systems to protect sensitive electronic equipment loads from direct and indirect lightning activity. We are a global corporation who believes in the importance of supporting local communities. Alltec Corporation’s home office is based in Canton , NC , USA . We are proud to be a manufacturer and supplier of a complete family of lightning protection products that are Made In America. These products include, but are not limited to, Electrolytic Grounding Systems, ¬†Lightning […]

Surge Protectors

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