Art supplies made in the USA can fuel your passion for creating art. When you are creating art with art supplies made in the USA you are also creating work for Americans. Maybe you are just looking for American made art supplies for your children and you have read about the Chinese imports that contained lead or other toxic materials banned in the United States. I would say you really increase your odds of a safer product when your supplies are made here.

We urge you to also take into account that Art supplies made in the USA don’t have to travel from the other side of the world nor will they be made by child labor like may happen with a foreign import. American factories also operate under strict regulations that are better for the environment, which increases operating cost and leads to higher priced. The competition overseas does not regulate as we do.

Da Vinci art supplies

Da Vinci Paint Company Art Supplies Made in the USA

Da Vinci Paint Company Art Supplies Made in the USA. Da Vinci Paint Compnay has created a colorful road, three generations long now, has been leading Da Vinci Artists’ Colors to create a work of art of their own. Their paint is still made in small batches with trusted craftsmanship quality, Da Vinci Colors have been delivering a consistently those that artists love to discover. We use only the world’s finest raw materials. Creating by mixing and milling colors that truly perform is in our DNA. With colors that represent who we are and what we do. Because we immerse […]

Art Supplies, Hobby, Paint California

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Kokomo Opalescent Glass Made in the USA

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Made in the USA

Kokomo Opalescent Glass Made in the USA. This great American company Kokomo Opalescent Glass (KOG) incredibly been operating in their current location of 1310 S. Market Street in Kokomo, Indiana since 1888. This is because beauty is a valuable commodity regardless of what the year is. Because Beauty is always in demand and using only the best, handcrafted techniques still prove to create the most beautiful glass made in the USA products in the world. Not only does KOG make glass art pieces they also specialize in hand making colored sheet glass also known as Art Glass, which is very […]

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Sunbelt – All of our products are MADE IN THE USA. Sunbelt Artist Blank Canvas is woven from the finest grown cotton. The raw cotton fiber is inspected and graded before it starts through the weaving process. It is re-inspected after it has been made into goods. Sunbelt Artisrt Canvas is double primed with an acrylic/ titanium, acid-free formulation that is compatible with all types of paint media and is permanently flexible. Our artist canvas is run under laboratory controlled conditions assuring uniformity and consistent quality. Samples from each lot are tested and after coating, each roll is inspected a […]

Art Supplies Texas

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