As seen on TV American made products do exist although in limited selection. It turns out some of those interesting products we see on infomercials and commercials are made in the USA. We flock to them like moths to flame and usually with the same outcome but it is still fun. Most must be made overseas, which is why they can sell you five for the price of one with free shipping and a bonus gift for $19.95 right?

Often these commercials and products are far more interesting than the program you were watching in the first place. These products also display the creativity of the American entrepreneur and marketing professionals. Too bad most are not made here even though the overall market is America. I for one would pay more for a as seen on TV American made product and I would have more faith in the product working. As always if you come across some products you would like to see listed here please let us know about it.

HOGSWIPE® Waterless Detailin’ Products

HOGSWIPE® Waterless Detailin’ Products of Florida Born straight from the… ‘Ol Dusty Road, Hogswipe® ” Hogswipe® Brand Products proudly represent a “Spirited, American-Made”, Environmentally-Conscious” Endeavor, one that creatively Markets & Distributes a Unique Line of Top-Quality, 100% & Waterless & Detailing Cleaners, Polishes & Conditioners, each granted recognition & awarded use of the… prestigious “Green”; & “Eco- Friendly”; Logos by the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

American Made Auto Cleaning Products, As Seen on TV Florida

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