Auto air fresheners made in the USA smell like money to the Americans that make them. Do you long for your car to have that new car smell? Maybe you just want your car to smell like a tropical beach. Whatever your looking for make sure you give American made auto fresheners a chance before you buy anything else. Won’t your car smell a little better when buying your auto air freshener made in the USA also created demand for jobs here in America? Imports create little to no employment in the USA and the jobs imports do create are often very low paying. Every time you buy a domestic made item the money stays here in our country creating jobs at numerous levels not just low paying ones. Employed Americans are paying taxes, pursuing the American dream and making our country a better place. Buying cheap imports does that for other countries. Auto fresheners made in the USA smell like liberty and freedom to me.


CAR-FRESHNER Corporation is still a family owned business and is still headquartered in Watertown, New York. CAR-FRESHNER produces the LITTLE TREES air fresheners in its three factories in the United States: Watertown, New York; Berlin, New Hampshire; and DeWitt, Iowa. CAR-FRESHNER supplies most of the world with US-made Tree-shaped air fresheners.

Auto Air Fresheners Iowa, New Hampshire, New York

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