If you are remodeling or decorating your bathroom you will like this page dedicated to Bathroom Decor Made in the USA. We are always searching for more items to add to this page so please come visit often. Please browse our many other pages and you will no doubt find other products made in the United State for your home or office.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories Made In Michigan includes a solid oak Hide-A-Roll toilet paper holder that stores 3 rolls of toilet paper; themed metal toilet paper holders to coordinate your bathroom décor;  cedar soap dishes for handmade soaps and essential oil racks for displaying/storing bottles of essential oils and roller ball holders.


Bathroom Products Michigan

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Hopfer Enterprises LLC

Hopfer Enterprises LLC of Oregon. Best Ever Bath Mat, black with white specks RUBBER mat, looks like classy marble.  NO suction cups, NO mold/mildew issues and is reversible. Cleans easily in the tub, the tub will be cleaner under the mat!  17″ x 36″ x 1/4″ 6 # mat with rounded corners. Very comfortable for tender feet, easily seen in the tub by elderly, vision impaired and poorly lite tub areas. This will be the last mat you will ever need to buy, will last for a long time.  $24.95 with $15.00 S/H


Bath Mats Oregon

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