Welcome to our directory of Beef Jerky made in the USA. Beef Jerky and other jerked meat like Turkey and chicken are beloved by Americans. Because you can take jerky almost anywhere they are a very popular grab and go snack sold nearly everywhere in the USA. You can find beef jerky products everywhere from gas stations to hardware stores.

The Jerky industry in the USA is worth 1.5 billion dollars in sales every year. That is a huge industry especially given that sales come from small packages at about $7.00 each. This industry has almost doubled in sales in the last decade. It is poised to grow even more, and why not since it is affordable and portable.

Do you trust anything other than American made beef jerky? Would you eat or feed dried meat snacks to your family from China? I sure would not especially given the news reports of tainted food products coming of Asia. Be safe, eat well, buy American made Jerky. Domestic made food items keep small family farms working and Americans employed.

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