Bike parts made in the USA by master craftsman not only help you build a better bicycle they help the economy as well. In days gone by, making bicycles employed many Americans with great middle class jobs. It seems these days all the iconic American brands we all remember are nothing more but marketing arms of global companies. We can help grow those American dream chasing jobs again when we buy bike parts made in the USA.

Biking is big business in the USA, however too much of the products are made overseas and leaving just a few jobs in the USA. Next time you go to your local bike shop tell them to stock American made bike parts because their jobs may rely on them as well.

King Cage

King Cage makes strong, durable waterbottle cages for your bicycle Handmade in the USA. Great waterbottle cage designs for all types of bicycle waterbottles. Made to secure a bottle without marking it up. They come in both stainless steel & titanium with a water capacity of a 21 oz or 24 oz bottle. Waterbottle cages by King Cage Made in Durango, Colorado U.S.A. out of Titanium and Stainless Steel that are non-marking and super strong!

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White Industries

White Industries We are one of the few remaining bicycle component manufactures proudly manufacturing our products here in the USA.   Since the inception of White Industries in 1978, our precision CNC components have been designed, engineered, and manufactured in Northern California.  We take pride in the components we manufacture and invite you to enter our site and view our  product line.

American Made Bike Accessories, Bicycle, Bike Parts California

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Wound Up™

Wound Up™ unveiled an innovative composite road fork that set a number of precedents in the world of bicycle components. Wound Up™ was the first manufacturer to introduce a patented composite steer tube and the first manufacturer to offer a production composite fork that weighed less than a pound. Our “no compromise” ride quality combined lateral leg stiffness with carbon’s unique dampening properties, yet another first. It was not surprising that our forks consistently outperformed those of our competitors in rigorous fatigue and static load tests. There was and still is nothing else on the market quite like Wound Up™. […]

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