If you are a bird lover like me you may be feeding birds in the back yard. Also like me you probably try to buy bird feeders made in America too. I hope you will check back often as we are always looking for new products to add to this page. If you know of a bird feeder made in the USA please tell us about it.


Birdfeeders Made in Michigan include high quality lighthouse style birdfeeders, natural bird feeders, rustic bird feeders,  jelly bird feeders, sunflower bird feeders, thistle seed bird feeders, and decorative glass bird feeders. The bird feeders are handcrafted from pine, cedar, and engraved glass.


Bird Feeders Michigan

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RollerFeeder from Minnesota are the makers of quality squirrel proof bird feeders, made in USA since 1998. Our patented bird feeder is guaranteed squirrel proof designed to roll, spin, and befuddle squirrels.


Bird Feeders Minnesota

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