Do you care if you use American made boat and RV Accessories? I hope you do because when you buy them more Americans keep their jobs or get hired in the first place. Your boat or RV is probably part of your American made dream and when you buy American made boat and RV accessories you can help someone else attain that same dream. We have tried to take out the hard work of finding accessories for your RV or Boat made in the USA by creating a list here. We invite you to use this list as a way to support American Workers with your purchasing. We hear about so many of the companies we list by word of mouth and we want to hear from you about your favorites. If you can’t find what you are looking for here demand your dealer carry more RV and Boat parts Made in the USA.


Batteryshackle of California makes the RV BATTERY LOCK,We offer a dual battery lock/ single battery lock / dual 6 volt battery lock / marine battery lock with a hinge for  tight spots made from mild steel, eco friendly powdered coated Comes with pad locks We also offer a Propane Lock galvanized steel and comes with a master lock Made in USA

American Made Boat and RV Accessories California

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Dri-Z-Air ™ Products

Dri-Z-Air ™ Products manufactured in the U.S.A. at competitive prices. Dri-Z-Air ™ will  help remove moisture from the interior of your RV, Boat, or Closet during periods of storage and lay-up. Dri-Z-Air helps remove the musty smell caused by excess moisture in the air. Dri-Z-Air works better than competitive products because air is able to circulate around the entire unit, dramatically improving your results.

American Made Boat and RV Accessories

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GarageVac brings vacuum cleaners into the 21st century with its unique and sleek design, hypo-allerginic filtration for a cleaner environment and installation flexibility. At 9 pounds weight, the GarageVac is easy to remove and use in other locations such as an RV or Boat. GarageVac has a powerful 12 amp, 113 cfm twin fan 5 Peak HP turbo motor. Our garage vacuums are manufactured in the U.S.A, come with a full 6 year warranty and have been the choice of all major yacht builders and RV manufacturers for many years.

American Made Boat and RV Accessories, Vacuums made in the USA

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Gator Guards

Gator Guards — It all started in 1994 when one of our founders, Sue identified the need for a quality keel protector to guard her families boat. Like other boating enthusiasts, Sue was tired of enjoying a great outing or catching the perfect bass only to find she had unknowingly caused thousands of dollars of damage to her boat’s hull while out on the water. She knew there had to be a better way. None of the products on the market at the time provided the quality she thought was necessary in order to protect her boat. So since Day […]

American Made Boat and RV Accessories, Boat accessories Illinois

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Moto-Stop of California specializes in high quality hand crafted transom savers, marine tools and boating accessories. The Moto-Stop is our number one product combining ingenuity, strength, and engineering to create the worlds most durable transom saver. This product requires no bolts or drilling and is made to fit most two and four stroke motors, 150-250 HP, that incorporate the use of two trim rods. The Moto-Stop’s strength and durability is derived from its 6061 aliminum body and 95 durometer urethane padding to support and protect your engine. We offer a full selection of custom marine tools to either assist the […]

American Made Boat and RV Accessories California

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Super Stick Push Poles made in the USA

Superstick® Push Poles and Shallow Water Anchor Pins Made in the USA

Superstick® Push Poles and Shallow Water Anchor Pins Made in the USA. The patented Superstick® has re-created the push pole by packing it with as many multipurpose features and versatility as you would find in a Swiss Army Knife®. With the Superstick® push pole you will be able to accomplish all the fishing, boating, and duck hunting needs you have. With features like telescopic Fiberglass Design, floats if dropped overboard and making a great Stake-Out Pole you will see why so many people will never use another pole. The Superstick® with the push the button and removing the duck foot […]

American Made Boat and RV Accessories, Boat accessories, Fishing (all categories), Fishing Accessories, Fishing Boat Equipment, Fishing Gear, Hunting Boats South Carolina

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