Let’s sweep away the imports with a broom made in the USA. Why by a broom made on the other side of the world, that’s not good for the planet or for the economy of the United States. When you buy a broom made in the USA you help keep America strong by creating employment opportunities for our neighbors

Milwaukee Dustless Brush/Gordon Brush

Milwaukee Dustless Brush/Gordon Brush, Wisconsin created the “dustless” brush in 1897.  The original dustless brush was succeeded by the Speed Sweep® line of steel-backed brushes, with bolt- in handle sockets, when improved floor surfaces and changes in sweeping requirements became widespread.  Milwaukee Dustless Brush manufactures a premium line of high quality American made janitorial and sanitation cleaning tools.  In addition to floor brooms, the company manufactures metal- capped poly-corn upright brooms, floor squeegees, counter dusters, and a wide assortment of other brushes.


Brooms Wisconsin

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