Camping food bags made in America are more likely to be better made than their cheap imported counterparts. Camping food bags made in the USA are made in factories that pay living wages and adhere to our local rules and regulations. These factories help build our tax base and infrastructure. This is why it is so important to support companies that employ our friends and neighbors in the business of producing camping food bags made in America. You make your money here, spend it here too and it works for the entire nation. of Iowa is a unique rodent-proof food bag made for backpacking, hiking, camping, rafting and other outdoor adventure sports.  Every GrubPack is made in Iowa by lifelong Iowa residents. The GrubPack rodent-proof food bag is light-weight, sturdy food storage system constructed using flexible stainless steel wire mesh.  (Our mesh is also made in the USA!)  This rugged backpacking food container is made to keep hungry rodents and birds out of your precious camping food supply. GrubPack is sold world wide, with exotic destinations such as the Andes Mountains and the wilds of Tasmania.  More commonly, the GrubPack is used […]

American Made Camping Gear, Camping Food Bags Iowa

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