Did you ever think you would be looking for can openers made in America? Probably not, I never thought I would be publishing a site with a page dedicated to can openers. Well like other products these too being made in the USA are very important to the overall health of our job market.

How can something as simple as a American made can opener be important to jobs here at home? Just think about it for a moment and I think you will agree. They are made with steel in most cases right? Well that steel has to come from some place that employs people. If you make your can openers with steel also made in the USA you can see how something as simple as a can opener is important to jobs in America. Look for the American made label with every purchase.

Made in USA Can Opener (Black)

Made in USA Can Opener (Black) This American made can opener was first sold in 1954. The original company that sold it is the It was the now long gone U.S. Swing A Way company. Can you believe some of these openers are still working 40 years later. It is because they are made from carbon steel, have skip proof feed wheels and are gear driven. It’s cutter, gears and wheel are all treated with heat and are plated with zinc. Now newer, thicker and more comfortable handle pads have been added. Although a little larger this is almost the […]


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