Cars and trucks made in the USA are a crucial component of a healthy American Economy. For many years this directory has avoided this category as it has been very hard to accurately determine which cars and trucks are made in the USA.

Sounds like a simple task at first glance. In doing our research it really has not been easy at all. It seems because all the Auto manufactures really are global in nature they may not want to disclose this information in advertising at all in an attempt not to leave anyone out? Recent reports also have indicated that the most American made cars are made by companies based outside of the United States but operate plants here in America. Should a car made in the USA by a foreign brand still count as an American made product? Are those American employees not living and paying taxes here in the United States?

American Made cars and trucks are the third rail so to speak of the Made in the USA movement. is doing research and attempting to gather information from the large automakers and unions in an effort to bring you solid information about cars and trucks made in the USA. Because of the state of electronic components there may not be any car or truck made entirely in the USA. Taking that into account this directory may elect to list makes and models based on a percentage of American Made verses off shore.

Chevy cars, trucks and SUV's made in the USA

Chevrolet Cars and Trucks

Chevrolet Cars and Trucks are very well known in the USA and most of the world. because like most auto manufactures Chevrolet is a multi-national company so it is very difficult to track down which models are made in the USA. Chevrolet also known as Chevy to most of us in the USA has a long American history and most Americans just take it for granted they are always American Made. This directory was only made possible because of help from the United Auto Workers (UAW). They have supplied material to identify those Chevy cars made in the USA from […]

Cars and Trucks Made in the USA, Union Made Products

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Ford cars and trucks made in the USA

Ford Cars and Trucks

Ford cars and trucks are part of Americana. Most Americans are familiar with the remarkable story of Henry Ford and how he revolutionized the way we build things not only in the USA but around the world. His incredible methods produced cars at a never seen before pace but also at a cost that put them in the reach of average Americans. Henry Ford is the epitome of American Exceptionalism. So fast forward to the new world of globalism and the Ford Motor company is still making cars and truck of course, they are still a successful company employing Americans […]

Cars and Trucks Made in the USA, Union Made Products

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Tesla American made electric car

Tesla Motors Electric Cars

Tesla Motors makes electric cars in the USA. Tesla was founded in July 2003 and released the first electric sports car called the Tesla Roadster. The roadster was a great success and was soon followed up by the Model S, which is an electric luxury sedan. The company has reached many impressive milestones very quickly. In December of 2015 they reached 100K cars sold world wide. As of 2016 they are the second best selling plug in electric car on the market. Soon after the Model S Tesla motors released the Model X a crossover SUV. In 2017 the company […]

Cars and Trucks Made in the USA, Electric Cars California

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