Cars and trucks made in the USA are a crucial component of a healthy American Economy. For many years this directory has avoided this category as it has been very hard to accurately determine which cars and trucks are made in the USA.

Sounds like a simple task at first glance. In doing our research it really has not been easy at all. It seems because all the Auto manufactures really are global in nature they may not want to disclose this information in advertising at all in an attempt not to leave anyone out? Recent reports also have indicated that the most American made cars are made by companies based outside of the United States but operate plants here in America. Should a car made in the USA by a foreign brand still count as an American made product? Are those American employees not living and paying taxes here in the United States?

American Made cars and trucks are the third rail so to speak of the Made in the USA movement. is doing research and attempting to gather information from the large automakers and unions in an effort to bring you solid information about cars and trucks made in the USA. Because of the state of electronic components there may not be any car or truck made entirely in the USA. Taking that into account this directory may elect to list makes and models based on a percentage of American Made verses off shore.

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