Cell phones made in the USA are no longer available. It is a shame there are no phones that are made in America. Such a huge industry should employ many American workers at all levels. The last Cell Phone made in the USA was the Moto X, however they sold the company and the new owner promptly moved overseas leaving American workers high and dry. While you won’t currently find a cell phone made in America there are a few accessories made here.

We are always chasing down leads on companies that make cell phones in the USA. If you are able to help us it would be appreciated greatly.

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CelJel is the perfect smart device stand or holder. It’s soft, heavy and “grippy”. You can set your iPhone, Droid, BlackBerry, Android phone, iPod, Zune or just about any smart device on it.  It is simply the best iPhone stand, Android stand, BlackBerry stand or device holder on the market today! CelJel will gently hold your device at any angle you choose depending on room lighting or glare, etc. CelJel allows you to pick up and put down your phone any time, quickly and easily. You don’t need to clamp it in, just set it down, pick it up, set […]


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