Christmas and holiday decorations made in the USA can really brighten up your holiday. It is a sad state of affairs that more of this giant industry is not made in America. This is one of those massive industries that has been hijacked by ultra cheap imports from overseas. Do you also find it ironic that our decorations come from countries that don’t even celebrate these same holidays and in some countries it would be illegal to do so?

If enough American demand their Christmas and holiday decorations made in the USA and we leverage our collective power we can make a difference. Americans needs jobs and we buy millions of dollars of these items every year. How many jobs could be created if we bought American made Christmas decorations?

The good news is there are a few companies making Christmas and holiday decorations made in the USA. We have collected the handful we have found here to make it easy for you to support them, and they need our help.

Holiday Light Hooks

Holiday Light Hooks of Kansas are made of aluminum which allows you to – “Put em up and leave em up”

Christmas and Holiday Decorations, Hardware Kansas

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Independence Bunting & Flag Corp.

Independence Bunting & Flag Corp. was born through the necessity of having to compete with cheap imports. We were originally in the Christmas Holiday trade when a customer of mine showed me a pleated fan being imported. He asked me if I can make a product that would be able to compete with the price of the import. After experimenting for awhile, I was able to build and patent a machine that can make a much better product and for less cost. We made this product for our customer for a number of years. We then decided to increase our […]

American Flags, American made bunting, Christmas and Holiday Decorations, Party Decorations New York

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Olympic Holiday Lighting

Olympic Holiday Lighting Fabricator of Custom, Holiday and Novelty rope light displays, Olympic  Holiday Lighting designs and hand crafts all of its displays here in the USA one-at-a-time using only the finest selection of materials available. OHL is committed to an ongoing effort for a 100%   Made  in USA product. This not only includes the actual materials used for the displays themselves (Steel, Powder, Wire Ties, etc.) but to the actual tools we use, the consumables used for those tools (Welding wire, grinding wheels, cut-off disks, etc.), packing materials, office supplies, local vendors, etc. We are constantly reviewing our assets […]

Christmas and Holiday Decorations

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The Wood Works of Cedar Springs

The Wood Works of Cedar Springs makes Christmas Nativity Scenes and other Christmas decorations made in the USA for your home. This company makes far more than American made holiday decorations such as wild life scenes, doll houses, jewelry boxes and much more. They build each items like they were building it for themselves. Visit their website to see everything they make and you will see they have a lot of nice testimonials from customers and many samples of their USA made work.

Christmas and Holiday Decorations, Wood products Michigan

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