If you are looking for a Clothing Accessories please try to support American Workers by buying from one of the Companies from the American Made products directory below. If you know of a good American Made Company not on the list use the Submit Product Form for consideration of listing here.

All Union House Apparel

Union House Apparel – We have been in the business of selling American Made Apparel for over twenty years, visit our site for a wide range of Made in USA and Union Made Clothing. Check out our best selling men’s briefs & boxer briefs, all made in USA.


Boots Made in the USA, Casual, Clothing Accessories, Jeans and Denim made in the USA, Leather Wear, Men's Clothing made in the USA, Men's Shoes, Pants, Safety Clothing, Shirts, Tee Shirts, Uniforms and Work, work shoes

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Best Drying Rack

Best Drying Rack There are NO PLASTIC PARTS in the Best Drying Rack. Our wooden clothes drying rack is designed and built in the US and is intended to provide you a lifetime of reliable use.


Clothing Accessories

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Lady and the Carpenter

Lady and the Carpenter of Washington. Kevin’s Quality Clothespins are heavy-duty, beautiful clothespins that are made in the Pacific Northwest. These sturdy, classic style pins are made to last through generations. They are the perfect clothespin for the clothesline or for your craft project.


Clothing Accessories, Household Gadgets Washington

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Norway Novelties, Inc.

Norway Novelties, Inc. of Maine makes The Groomstik, which is an ironing accessory that helps you vacuum away pet hair and lint, iron perfect creases, remove sweater pills and also helps with sewing and handicrafts.


Clothing Accessories Maine

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The Original SuperHanger

The Original SuperHanger is a full size garment hanger, measuring 20 1/2″ long. It supports all size clothing, costumes, tactical gear, sports attire, vestments, quilts, linens, textiles and the list goes on. Check out superhanger.com to read more benefits. Proud to be made in the USA.


Clothing Accessories, Garment Hangers California

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