Colanders made in the USA can be located here on the directory of goods made in the USA. With as common as a items as this is you would think there would be many more American made colanders than there is. With cheap imports forcing most American companies making them to close there are a few that are pitting up a great fight and maybe winning the battle.

We have identified several companies that make colanders in the USA still. We invite you to check them out before your purchase a cheap import. Imports do not fuel our own economy and jobs the way a domestically produced product does. Sure the import comes through the retail supply chain but an item made in the USA would have too. Buy American made when it matters and it matters every time.

Jacob Bromwell

Jacob Bromwell is a specialty housewares company that manufactures authentic campfire, kitchen, and fireplace products for families of yesterday, today, and for generations to come. As America’s oldest housewares company established in 1819, we offer a select group of timeless products that modernization has not improved. Our classic products take people on an emotional journey into nostalgia and tradition, and allow them to find joy in the simple and genuine American past as an antidote to our over-perfected modern lifestyle.

All Kitchen Items, Colanders, Miscellaneous and Specialty items, Outdoor Cooking and Campfire Cooking Equipment

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