Computer Boards made in the USA are not as plentiful as they once were. Our directory has located companies that do in fact make computer boards in America for very specific applications. If you are looking to have a PCB made in the USA we urge you to contact a company found on our guide.

This like all industries are important to our country for so many reasons. First of course is the jobs companies like this produce. Second is our ability to maintain a diverse manufacturing base for our own defense should it ever be required. Third is a sustainable educated work force requires technical jobs as well as labor and service opportunities.

Diversified Technology, Inc

Diversified Technology, Inc. is an embedded computer company whose strength lies in the design, development, and manufacture of single board computers and system platforms. In addition, DTI is a recognized leader in the custom development of advanced computer boards and systems for unique applications. Diversified’s single board and system products are pointed toward mission critical applications such as telecommunications, factory automation, networking, ruggedized military, medical, and control operations. The only ACTA provider to design and manufacturer in the USA

Computer Boards

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