Cooking Utensils made in the USA make cooking a joy. Don’t use cheap foreign imports that are made of who knows what, use domestic made products that you can rely on. We have worked hard to find American made cooking utensils so you don’t have to. We have assembled a list of utensils that were made in the United States. We looked for spatulas, tongs, scrappers, whisks and anything else you could use in the kitchen.

While we would like to have more listed here we think what we have found represents quality made in America very well. Look our list over and we think you will agree. If you know of some products we missed please let us know about them.

Jonthan’s® Wild Cherry Spoons

Jonthan’s® Wild Cherry Spoons ~ the leader in wooden spoon design. We offer beautiful handmade cherry wood spoons of all kinds. The Original Lazy Spoon® is a favorite of Rachael Ray and was featured as one of Oprah’s favorite things in ‘O’ Magazine. Our spoons are also loved by Christina Perillo (aka Christina Cooks) and creative cooks around the world. Jonathan’s® Spoons creates spoons for all your kitchen needs: baking, cooking, mixing and stirring; plus we offer spoons for left handed chefs! Our folding tongs are fantastic for serving salads and baked potatoes, as well as multiple kitchen tasks. All […]

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