Coolers and Ice Chest made in the USA can still be found. The cooler and ice chest is an iconic part of the American life. Do you remember packing up the station wagon and heading to the hills. Our family’s cooler was a green aluminum model with a hinged white top. If I were to guess I would think it was American Made like so many products back then. How sad today that you really have to search for ice coolers made in the USA. We have looked for a long time for an American Made cooler and an alert site visitor (Thanks John) gave me the link to Pelican who I’m familiar with and had no idea they made coolers. When you buy a cooler that was made domestically you know it was made under our strict labor laws and environmental protections.

We need more coolers to be made in America. If we all demand that the big brand names re-shore their production they may respond. If we leave their imported products on the shelf they will respond.

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