Costumes made in the USA are available here on the directory of domestic made items. When you need to look like someone else wear an disguise that was made in the USA. While most of the industry has gone over the cheap imports there are some brave companies battling against the cheap imports. If we don’t support them they too will fall prey to greedy corporations putting profit of people.

This industry is worth a lot of money and it would be great to have Americans capture more of it on the production side instead of just the consumer side. When you decide to spend your money on products Made in the USA you help keep jobs in America. When Americans are employed they become part of the tax base supporting our collective well being as a Country. Keep it in the USA.

BabyPop American made children's clothing

BabyPop Design LLC

BabyPop Design LLC is Located in the suburbs of Philadelphia. We create personalized superheroes and princesses everyday. The main part of the business is BabyPop’s custom made personalized superhero princess cape sets . The capes feature the child initials, and the logo of there choice shield, crown, circle heart star, spider, alligator…in any color of your choice. Quality and affordable price is what keep people coming back, and telling there friends. We also make the crowns, masks, tees, skirts, and gloves all customizable. Made in the USA. BabyPop Saving one back yard at a time.

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Garb the World

Garb the World of California makes Custom-made historical, religious and comfortable clothing. Reenactments, bible plays, costumes, Renaissance Faire, Monk’s robes, and much more. Sewn in the USA (mostly by stay-home moms earning a living wage) and custom made to fit YOUR American size.

Clothing, Costumes California

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Stagewear takes great pride in offering age appropriate costumes that fit and flatter dancers of every shape and size. Customer delight is our number one priority! Our costumes are made in the USA so you can count on us to deliver quality products ON TIME, every time!

Costumes California

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Super Blanky

Super Blanky is created with a patent pending design that turns a blanket into a wearable superhero cape without the restriction of a neckband. The sleeves allow the wearer to play superhero or cozy up with the blanket wrapped around their shoulders. It’s like cuddling in a giant comfy cape. Arms are simply slipped through the patent-pending, comfortable “sleeves” so Super Blanky™ stays put. No ties under the throat, no fasteners, nothing to come loose. These one of a kind designs are ideal for cozying up to read a favorite superhero comic and stays perfectly in place while flying off […]

Costumes Michigan

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