Are you looking for a Dishwasher made in the USA? If so we have made a list for you to look over. You would think it would be easier to find an American made dishwasher then it is. So many of the large appliance companies don’t seem to want to let us know where they make their products.

The good news is you can find find a dish washer made here but you will really have to work hard at it. The best method may be going to the appliance stores and searching until you find one made here in the United States. It is very sad that they companies that may be making them here don’t advertise that fact. Tell them it is important information and they should share that with us.

This is a very marge industry which should be employing more Americans. Don’t forget there is an appliance company that took a giant tax payer funded bailout not very long ago.


At GE, we’re investing in home grown talent, and it’s paying off. Our product development teams, design engineers and factory line workers combine to make a dream team of product innovation. But it doesn’t stop there. From transportation to customer service to marketing, the GE family in the U.S. extends far and wide.


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