Diving gear made in the USA is pretty difficult to find. We have been looking for years and have found a few companies that make diving gear in the USA and we are always looking for more. Like so much of the sporting goods industry most companies moved production overseas. When you are underwater breathing through a regulator attached to an aluminum cylinder do you really want to know your equipment was made by the cheapest bidder? Even though it is a challenge to find wouldn’t you rather have American made diving equipment. The first Scuba set was invented by two Frenchman Jacques Cousteau & Emile Gagnan and marketed as the “Aqua Lung” which is a pretty cool name. It is amazing how similar modern equipment is compared to the original gear. Of course there have been many advances and like everything else some scuba gear has become computerized which keeps divers much safer. Computers of course help design the cutting edge features found in dive gear too. If you know of more dive gear made in the USA please let us know so we can add that company to the directory.

Dura Dive Products

Dura Dive Products is a manufacturer in Homosassa, Florida of snorkeling and diving accessories.  We make top quality snorkel vests in a commercial grade and recreational grade material. We also make salvage lift bags and safety marking buoys for the sport diver. Wholesale only, contact them for dealers.


Diving Gear Made in the USA Florida

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