Dog and cat food made in the USA is vitally important for your pets. Numerous pet deaths are attributed to foreign made pet food, although the data is hard to come by because there is not one regulating agency that would collect data like this. Some industry insiders estimate 3600 American cats and dogs died in 2007 from one company in China alone. While nothing is a hundred percent guaranteed your odds increase dramatically when you feed dog and cat food made in the USA.

This issue alone was one of the pivotal events that gave us a reason to start this website. If you recall the news was full of stories everyday of beloved pets becoming ill without cause and no cure in most cases. All of this was caused because America allowed imports from a country that anything goes when it comes to cutting corners.

Best Pet Naturals

Best Pet Naturals American made and all natural! Our dog food, cat food, pet treats, supplements and pet care supplies set the bar for quality ingredients and healthy standards. Watch the video The Truth About Pet Food then compare your brand to our nutritious, natural pet food. Order online and have it shipped fresh to your house. Also, want to be an American entrepreneur? We’re looking for distributors. While you’re learning more about our food, click the Opportunity link on the web site.

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Pawgevity – Food for Pets

Pawgevity – Food for Pets of Virginia manufactures real raw, organic foods and unique treats for cats and dogs to promote health and longevity.  All ingredients are sourced locally from small family farmers.  Our foods are produced in a USDA human grade production facility in Virginia.  We’re involved from Farm to Bowl – 100% USA grown and made.

American Made Pet products (all categories), Dog and Cat Food made in the USA Virginia

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