What child would not want an American Made Doll? You know it will be well made and probably last much longer than an imported Doll. Consider also that Dolls made in the USA were made under the USA labor laws and in a more planet friendly method. Do you want your child to snuggle with a imported doll made with little to no product safety laws?

There are millions of dollars spent of dolls every year. Only a tiny fraction of those come from the United States. Just imagine if we captured half of that business back, how many jobs would that create?

KarenLee Creations

KarenLee Creations of| Maine is a home crafting company that specializes in custom and unique soft cloth dolls and animals. All of our items are made in Maine, USA. We offer a wide variety of doll sizes and designs perfect for boys and girls alike.


Dolls Maine

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KBeckett OOAK Dolls

KBeckett OOAK Dolls of Florida makes all one of a kind art dolls by KBeckett Polymer Clay Art Dolls Made in USA in sunny Winter Haven Florida


Dolls Florida

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