Dresses made in the USA can be found right here on our directory. One nice advantage of American made dresses is often they are made in much fewer numbers than the mass produced imports and are often even one of a kind. Does anyone want to show up at an event wearing the same dress as another person?

Dress making is delicate hard work undertaken by just a few dress makers in the United States. Be unique and purchase dress made in the USA instead of mass produced clothing that is shipped in the the US by the container. Dress makers are very skilled workers and if Americans start to buy American made dresses we will create the demand for their skills again causing them to work again.

Tell your favorite department store to stock dresses made in the USA. Stores want to stock what buyers want, tell them and follow through. Retailers only stock cheap imports because our market forces allow it.

Blue Canoe American made women's clothing

Blue Canoe

Blue Canoe There’s nothing else quite like Blue Canoe. Get dressed once and go through the day with our fresh, uncomplicated designs. Made in the USA for 16 years with organically grown cotton, including bamboo blends.


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