The Electric car industry is in it’s infancy and has no where to go but up. As countries around the world compete to see who will be the leader in electric cars we all can help the US gain an edge by looking for electric cars and accessories made here at home. This market is going to be so big we will see countries subsidize companies to try and take control of this market. We have already seen the American government allow large tax breaks for consumers buying Electric vehicles. The big prize in this emerging technology will go to the company that ends up making the best batteries. The industry will be
pushing for batteries that charge faster, last longer and weigh less than their competitors.

In this new high tech industry where are seeing competitors from unlikely sectors such as High Tech and Software. Both Google and Apple are said to be battling one another to gain supremacy in the Electric car industry. I’m sure the traditional auto makers never thought they would be competing against a search engine giant and an computer icon. The ultimate winner will be chosen by consumers around the world, this is not just an American race. Let’s vote with our dollars and help companies based in the USA give off the ground and race to the top.

Brazos Walking Sticks

Brazos Walking Sticks located in Texas creates handcrafted, made-in-the-USA walking sticks and canes. Our staffs are ideal for anything from hiking to neighborhood strolls. Accessories include compasses, medallions, spike ferrules and more. For personalization, add custom laser engraving. Located in central Texas’ Brazos River Valley, we offer American craftsmanship and superior customer service.

Elder Care & Home Texas

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Cane Bags

Cane Bags are designed to fit all standard canes and most walking sticks and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Each cane bag has a wrist strap so you don’t have to let go of your cane or walking stick, which most time drops to the floor. The Cane Bags are easily accessible for those with disabilities who have trouble reaching into a deep pockets. Cane Bags have short pockets so they don’t have to dig deep for their item.

Adaptive-items Michigan

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Even Par Enterprises, Inc.

Even Par Enterprises, Inc. of| Minnesota make the Lend-A-Hand introduced to assist Military Amputees, Stroke Victims and other Physically Challenged and Able Bodied Individuals to use their Legs, Arms and Hands only in a Different Way. Even Par Enterprises, Inc (a Veteran Owned Small Business) out of Red Wing, MN has developed a NEW product called Lend-A- Hand for the physically challenged and able bodied individual. Lend-A-Hand is a universal assistant device which can be used on the arm or leg. Lend-A-Hand is also a great product to assist individuals in regaining Arm Support, Leverage and Strength for day to […]

Adaptive-items Minnesota

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Express Ramps

Express Ramps is a family owned business dedicated to providing affordable wheelchair ramp and scooter ramp access solutions. We strive to provide our customers with helpful information, expert advise and old fashioned, quality customer service. We firmly believe in providing the highest quality, American Made handicap products at the guaranteed lowest pricing. Every ramp we carry is Made here in the USA, supporting American Families and American Jobs.


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Kentucky Walking Sticks

Kentucky Walking Sticks Hand crafted walking sticks and canes created by eastern Kentucky folk artist. Types of walking sticks and canes include, Curled/Twisted, Traditional, Carved Snake, Crook Neck Canes, and Shepherd’s Staffs.

Elder Care & Home Kentucky

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Kneez E-Z

Kneez E-Z of Ohio is a cushioned floor coaster that takes stress off backs and cradles knees in comfort to increase productivity while reducing fatigue for any low level task. The cushion is made of a two component material with an exclusive protective covering offering a soft and cushioning, gravity defying, weightless feeling. Use Kneez E-Z® for plumbing, carpentry, papering, electrical, floor coverings, cleaning chores of many kinds, landscaping, washing floors, painting, auto detailing, hem alterations, and machinery maintenance just to name a few of its many uses. You won’t know you’re kneeling! Made in America.

Elder Care & Home Ohio

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Magic Buttoner LLC

Magic Buttoner LLC we are proud to be 100% American Made. Manufacured in Small Town USA and assembled and packaged by ARC helping our less fortunate citizens. We fimly beleive in American made products and wished more companies would be proud enough to put values ahead of profits. Quality lasts forever as all of our buttoners carry a 100% unconditional free replacement.


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MyInfo911 ID Card In a medical emergency even if you are unable to speak for yourself, your MyInfo911 ID card will speak for you providing first responders instant access to your medical history, medications, blood type, allergies, etc. The ability to access this critical information within seconds will enable timely, accurate and effective treatment. Quite literally, this card can make the difference between life and death. Emergency personnel often do not know who or how to contact your next of kin or other emergency contact that you would want notified in case of emergency. Your MyInfo911 ID card will provide […]

Elder Care & Home, Medical Alerts and Information

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Sassie Classie Designs

Sassie Classie Designs Walker Pouches Made with colorful fabrics. Handy large pocket in front and smaller pocket in back. Handle loops over front walker bar and attaches to itself with hook n loop. Your personal custom colors and themes can be ordered with a 7-10 lead time..Spot clean

Elder Care & Home

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