Electric Car chargers made in the USA is an industry ripe to explode with job creating potential. Not only the USA but the entire world is waiting for an alternative to the gas powered car. Governments have been subsidizing the electric car industry and now different manufactures are beginning to compete for market share in the sector.

The United States is one of the largest potential customers of course for the cars and the chargers. The goal for America now is to remain one of the leaders in this industry and try to keep the production of Electric car chargers made in the USA. I don’t think the electric car industry is passing fad, the technology has come to age and the will to succeed is there. Just look at the success of the American made Tesla Electric Car.

As State and local governments start to deploy electric car chargers across the country let’s make sure they look to an American company first! Especially if tax payers money is used let’s insist they use American built equipment. Don’t let them leave the American worker out in the cold yet again.

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