Electric Cars made in the USA could be a huge deal for the American worker. All car manufacturing of course requires high tech workers with specific skills. The electric car industry is still in it’s infancy and Americans should embrace this industry with open arms.

The world is hungry for an alternative to fossil fuel power transportation, which is why it is so important for America to lead this industry. If we can keep production of electric cars made in the USA it is going to create a massive amount of jobs for Americans. The jobs will be very diverse too covering a wide range of required skills.

Perfecting the Electric car will lead to new innovations that can improve our ability to create sustainable power that is much lower in emissions or carbon for more of our daily life. You may be asking yourself how is that creating an better electric going to impact the rest of our life? Well the key to success with the Electric car is battery technology. Whoever builds the best batteries will probably control this industry. The technology from those batteries will then be used in power storage to make technology like wind power and solar energy more effective. To make a simple example let’s look at solar power, works great when the sun is out but not at night right? Well when we have affordable low profile batteries with the potential to safety store energy for an extended amount of time we can start storing enough power to run a home overnight with no wind or sun.

The electric car industry is already creating new jobs in supporting roles like the American made electric car chargers being built now or the car chargers popping up all over the Country.

ClipperCreek, Inc

ClipperCreek, Inc. of California make Electric Vehicle charging stations by. The most durable Level 2 charging stations on the market, starting at just $379. Reliable. Powerful. Made in America.


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