Using engine treatments made in the USA can increase the life of your car. With the expense of a car and repairs many people turn to engine additives to prolong the life of their vehicle and lower your cost of ownership. An engine treatment cost far less then a major repair, not to mention the hazards and expenses that come along with a break down on a busy highway. Spare your yourself the cost and risk and use engine treatments made in the USA. If you want the best then try an engine treatment made in the USA whether your car is an import of American made. Our directory list automotive items that are made in the USA including parts, accessories, and much more. If you come across an American made engine treatment that we don’t have listed here please let us know. Our goal is to list as many items made in the USA as possible and many come from referrals.

Dura Lube

Dura Lube. Originally introduced in 1986, Dura Lube was intended as a special engine treatment for the trucking industry. Incredibly, the reports began to come in on Dura Lube’s amazing attributes. Because of these reports, a decision was made to bring the product to the general automotive consumer market. An infomercial was produced in 1992, using no actors, only “real people”, such as mechanics, race car drivers and average car owners. The excitement generated by this concept served as a springboard for the entire infomercial campaign. The drama of live demonstrations provided the consumers with an iron clad, credible testimonial […]

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