Wearing the right glasses you might be able to find even more items that are made here in this country. So put down those
imported spectacles and find American Made glasses. If you find some we don’t have listed please let us know so we can add them too.


Eyeglasses.com Eyeglasses “Made in USA” are hard to find. Buying “Made in USA” eyewear means more jobs for Americans. The eyewear industry has long been dominated by European (Italy, France and Germany) eyeglasses factories. In recent years, much of the world’s eyeglasses production has moved to China. But there are a few companies that make eyeglasses in the USA. Shuron has been making glasses in the USA since 1865, all at their own factory. In this category, we have chosen some of the best selling Shuron frames, as well as some other eyeglasses we have found that are also Made […]


Eye Glasses

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